15 Breathtaking Photos That Show Nature At Its Wackiest Moments

Nature has its own way to mesmerize us at any given time. The beauty of nature is endless and it offers such overwhelming sceneries that can leave anybody speechless. We all can unitedly agree that nothing can be more beautiful than the natural beauty of the nature. However, sometimes, nature turns witty and shows us … Continue reading 15 Breathtaking Photos That Show Nature At Its Wackiest Moments


Nature has its own way to mesmerize us at any given time. The beauty of nature is endless and it offers such overwhelming sceneries that can leave anybody speechless. We all can unitedly agree that nothing can be more beautiful than the natural beauty of the nature. However, sometimes, nature turns witty and shows us sights that are practically unbelievable. Nature loves to play with our vision and gives us a sneak peek into how whacky it really can be. Let us look at some of the most wacky moments if our mother nature and have a good time.

1. Mount Roraima

This is an unbelievable photo of Mount Roraima of Venezuela which proudly stands above the fuzzy clouds. Not only does this miraculously beautiful mountain offer a spectacular view, it also offers the rarest of flora and fauna around the world. Visiting the Mount Roraima is an out of the world experience in the best way possible. Even though it isn’t supremely easy, the perpetual efforts will be worth it in the end.

2. Goat Business

What do you normally expect to see when you look at a tree? Maybe a couple of birds or in extreme cases, maybe even monkeys. But, would you ever even think of finding a flock of goats just casually chilling above a tree? Thar is exactly what happened in this weirdly funny photograph. What makes us wonder is how they managed to climb up there only on their hooves. Is it super powers or is it magic? Anyway, a sight like this is sure to make your day.

3. Awestruck

The Rainbow Mountains of China absolutely looks like a vibrant painting with spellbinding detailing of beautiful colors. The reason behind the striking color scheme of the mountains is mainly mineralogy and chemistry. The base color of the mountain is an alluring deep red with unending strokes of blues, greens, yellows and so on. It is truly one of a kind sight to be seen that really proves that the miraculous beauty of nature is unending. The place is accessible to tourists so we surely wouldn’t like to pass on the opportunity.

4. Milky Way

This picture might instantly prompt us to believe that it is photoshopped. But believe it or not, it really isn’t. This is a picture taken in Giza, Egypt, where the milky way is vividly visible to human eyes at night. It is situated just behind the three ancient pyramids of Egypt. Even though the pyramids are the ones that claimed their place in the list of wonders of the world, the starry sight behind them isn’t any less of a wonder or enigma.

5. Ball Lightning

Ball lightning is such a phenomena that is still a mystery to scientists. The reason behind this happening hasn’t been unearthed yet. Ball lightning isn’t like a normal lightning, it’s duration is much longer before finally bursting into an explosion. Its size can vary from pea sized to even a few meters in diameter. Everyone is advised to maintain safe distance from this phenomena as it is very dangerous.

6. Uniquely Cute

Qizai is the cutest panda to walk this Earth and very uniquely so. He occupied the spot of being the only brown panda of the world. Even though Qizai was abandoned by his mother and the entire panda community, he was rescued by humans. According to his caretakers, he is slower than the others of his kind but he is an extremely jovial fellow. We hope and pray that he finds a friend of his kind soon so that he can live his life to the fullest.

7. Undulatus Asperatus

The newest addition to the Atlas of clouds is called Undulatus Asperatus. They are terrifying and yet endlessly fascinating. These clouds can often be seen in wave formations with varying thickness. They seem to be something straight out of a horror movie and threatening of a near danger. It mesmerizes us how something so scintillating can be born out of nowhere. These clouds are usually low lying and caused by weather fronts. They are so scarcely found that they did not have an official name until 2011.

8. Struck by Thunder

We are advised not to stand under a tree during a lightning storm by many people. The reason behind that advice is clearly evident in this picture. This image taken with long exposure shows the effects of a lightning passing through a tree and its roots. The reason behind this frequent phenomena is that thunder looks for the least resistant path to go through and the moisture content inside a tree makes it a wonderful conductor. Better to stand in the open field, instead!

9. Black Jaguar

We are habituated to imagine jaguars as mighty brown creatures that live in the wild. But this amazing creature is amazingly black with the rare touch of brown and golden shades. This breed is really scarce as they can be bred by two black jaguars. Black jaguars are exactly same as normal brown jaguars except for their unique coloring. Black jaguars get their colors owing to their genes, mainly. They have genes contributing to them having melanism and hence, darker fur.

10. Dressed As

What do you see at first glance when you look at the picture above? It must be a chameleon sneakily posing as a leaf. It is just one of many nature’s wonders that this leaf formation turned out just like a chameleon. As we all know, chameleon changes color according to their mood to fit their surrounding environment. It makes us wonder, this one probably wanted to try something different and become a leaf!

11. Awaiting Tornado

A tornado in any shape or size is pretty scary. The sight of an awaiting tornado is very grim and surely lets you know that something terrible is coming. Tornadoes are rotating whirlwinds which are in contact with both the ground and clouds. You might think that the picture above is of heavy clouds coming with the tornado, but, it is in fact the tornado itself. The speed of this phenomena can be anything between 110 to up to 300 miles an hour. But fear not, they can be detected way before their arrival.

12. Nature’s Wonder

Pictured above is the Gulf of Alaska where two water bodies miraculously meet but never mix. As known by most people, it actually isn’t two oceans meeting. It is actually the meeting place for glacier melt water with offshore waters. There is actually scientifically proven very good reasons for the waters not mixing. The difference in the water density, the overall temperature and the varying salinity of the two water bodies make it difficult for them to mix.

13. Twinkling Waters

As most of us would instantly imagine, the picture above is not from a Disney movie where the sea reflects the stars at night. It is in reality a awe inducing picture of the Maldives Beach also popularly known as Starry Night Beach and yes, it is not photoshopped. At night, this beach seems to be beautifully filled with twinkling stars. Actually, this illusion is an effect of microscopic organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton. These organisms react to changes in the water at night and appear luminous. Sailors popularly refer to it as the “Milky Beach”. This place absolutely seems like another place to be added to our bucket list.

14. Optical Illusion

No, these aren’t two separate pictures made into a collage. It is one single photograph capturing the Banff National Park in Canada, which is known for being the oldest park in the country. The shoreline of the lake is crystal clear and therefore it creates an optical illusion separating the picture. The lake called Moraine Lake is formed by melted glacier and surrounded by hiking trails for tourists.

15. Vividly Blue

Sure, we know all agree in unison that snow is very cool. But do you know what is superiorly more cooler? Vividly blue ice glaciers that will leave you spellbound. Blue ice is formed when snowfall occurs over glaciers, which are then compressed and made a part of the glacier. When the air bubbles are knocked out, the ice crystals enlarge making the ice appear blue. The dense ice of the glacier absorbs every other color of the spectrum except for blue which contributes in the ice appearing bluer.


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